Want weight-loss advice? Avoid the sellout wankers!

Yesterday I read a post by the strongest man in the world, Mr Eddie Hall on Instagram, claiming that orange juice from a carton is a better option for anyone trying to lose weight over coffee as a breakfast drink. Then on top of that this guy, who hats off to him has done a lot more training than me in his life, fucking says he’s working with some UK DNA company (which has absolutely nothing to do with nutrition) to provide us with this useless, false information.

His claim was, caffeine in your coffee breaks down an enzyme in your mouth and gut called amylase which manages the breakdown of starchy carbs…

Talk about missing the fucking point of weight loss, sorry he didn’t miss it, he’s fucking going around it because the basic principles of weight loss go against what he is selling!

What a wanker!

A Coffee in the morning with breakfast = 5 calories

A small glass of orange juice = 90 calories

To lose weight, consume fewer calories, done be worrying about enzymes!

This is just another fine example of how someone in the fitness industry is easily turned by the promise of a few quid, to sell out the truth and provide their followers with absolute bollox to sell them something.

This DNA company is just jumping on the exploitation bandwagon that is the weight loss/fitness industry. Using peoples ignorance and/or desperation to convince them their product or service will be their answer for the weight loss they have wanted since they went one big mac too far!

Fuck and I really liked Eddie Hall for what he has achieved, but fuck him, now he’s just another sellout dickhead!

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